An increasing part of my life is devoted to leading “science history tours” to the birthplaces of science, and to modern laboratories where the great discoveries of yesteryear are now being exploited and advanced.

I am very interested in repeating the two tours that I have so far led (details below) with other groups, and with developing new science history tours.


It all began in 2005, when I led a group of Australian tourists (only one of them a scientist) on a science History Tour of Europe and the UK. Highlights includes a private tour of the Higgs Boson project at CERN in Geneva, a visit to Louis Pasteur’s home laboratory at Arbois in France (where the chicken soup that he sterilized 150 years ago is still sterile!), and a view of Galileo’s preserved middle finger in Florence.

The tour was so successful that the same group has requested another one, which will take place in September/October 2007, this time covering Eastern Europe and new sites in the U.K. Highlights will include a visit to Gregor Mendel’s restored garden at the Abbey in Brno where he discovered the principles of inheritance using garden peas, and a visit to the Human Genome project near Cambridge, where modern genetics is being advanced. This tour is almost booked out, but I am happy to repeat it or the previous tour with other groups, and to develop new ideas for tours in consultation with special interest groups.