How to Dunk a Doughnut – The Science of Everyday Life

“Scientists, like hangmen, are socially disadvantaged by their trade.”

“… guests at parties, having discovered that I am a scientist, usually turn to my wife and ask her what I do, rather than approach me directly.”

“This book is for them, and for everyone else who wants to know what scientists really get up to.”

How to Dunk a Doughnut (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2002) became a best-seller that has now been translated into

12 languages (including Braille), and received an award from the American Institute of Physics for “Science Book of the Year”.

Chapter Headings

1. The Art and Science of Dunking 
Using physics to work out the best way to dunk biscuits and doughnuts

2. How Does a Scientist Boil an Egg?
James Bond was right

3. The Tao of Tools
Science in the home workshop

4. How to Add Up Your Supermarket Bill 
Quick calcs at the check-out

5. How to Throw a Boomerang
Including world records in the TV studio and at the South Pole

6. Catch as Catch Can 
Does our brain act as a high-speed computer when we run to catch a ball?

7. Bath Foam, Beer Foam and the Meaning of Life 
The thin molecular divide between life and death

8. A Question of Taste 
The science of gastronomy

9. The Physics of Sex 
How the sperm that is the best physicist wins the race to the egg

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