Energy and Physics

Energy and Physics

My favorite academic subject is physics.  I took an interest in the subject at a young age and was fascinated to understand the texts and diagrams I saw in my elder brother’s physics textbook. When in high school physics was one of my favorite subjects, hence I placed extra efforts into my physics classes and the more I understood it, the more my determination and curiosity of being more knowledgeable of the subject grew. The fact that energy can be transformed into different kinds to perform various works intrigued me.  I, therefore, strived to put my best foot forward in all of my physics classes. My passion for physics enabled me to get a sponsorship from a top Energy company. The sponsorship has given me a sense of direction and focus to ensure that physics contributes to the betterment of the economy and aid in the creation of a healthier, better and prosperous nation.  To ensure that such goals are achieved I must subscribe to the best educational institution, so as to be more knowledgeable in this field and to ensure that my productivity contributes to a positive growth of our society.

Because of my interest in physics, I, therefore, choose to be an electrical engineer. This is because our lives today would be unthinkable without electrical energy.  It is a necessity for the growth of any society, be it agriculture wise or industrial wise. 24 hour economies have managed to be like so thanks to electricity that has enabled work to be executed during dark hours. Industrialization is still on the rise today and electricity is still required to light up dwellings, offices, shops or outdoor lighting for security purposes (Abu-Rub et al, 26-47). The fact that work has been made easier for man by the use of machines is undisputed since these electric-powered devices have taken care of heavy physical labor, especially in the construction sector. Transportation machines like trains also use electricity to hoist gears and lifts use electro motors to carry out their intended tasks. This has also posed an advantage over the previous internal combustion engines. Air-conditioning systems, food storage devices, television and broadcasting and communication systems just to name a few are among the vast sectors that have seen the importance of electrical energy.  I firmly believe that the field of electrical engineering is growing vastly as seen by the new technology that is mushrooming frequently and is full of opportunities that would make our lifestyles comfortable.


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