5 Free Chrome Apps that can be used in electronic learning

5 Free Chrome Apps that can be used in electronic learning

Google Chrome doesn’t need too much presentation. It is already widely used for internet browsing. Moreover, almost any Google Chrome user knows at least one application and has started to use it. Google Chrome Apps can bring many advantages to various niches and can make people lives a lot easier. However, there are still many eLearning professionals who don’t know about the immense potential Google Chrome Apps can have for their work. Use the five Chrome Apps below and discover how they can help you make your work more productive and less stressful.

5 Free Chrome Apps that can be used in electronic learning

  1. Google Docs

If you are looking for a free, simple, and efficient way to create spreadsheets, then Google Docs is the answer. With Google Docs Quick Create you can create an online presentation or document in just a few steps. You just have to click on the icon, select what type of document you want to create, and just do it. It just takes a few seconds to create a drawing or a form and start working on it.

  1. Class Dojo

Do you need a reward system for your class? You can use Class Dojo to replace the traditional feedback system and use it for positive reinforcement. This Chrome App can help you send immediate feedback to your learners and encourage them to improve their learning process. Thanks to this app, you will be able to choose the behaviors you want to reinforce in your class and offer your attendees Dojo points whenever they improve a particular skill. You can use this app as the basis for a unique game which you can use to make your class more appealing and help your students improve their learning performance.

  1. Zondle

If you want to make your class more interesting and make students love your subjects, then you will need to bring something new in your teaching style. For example, you can create games to help your students learn faster and easier. Especially when you are teaching a difficult subject, you can use games and real-life examples to help your students understand the concepts you are talking about. Zondle is a Chrome free app where you can build games and track your students’ performance.

  1. Blendspace

Teachers need content creation tools to improve their teaching strategy and keep students engaged during class. This is a very efficient app which can help you bring digital media in any traditional class. Blendspace, formerly known as Endcanvas, is a popular tool used by teachers to create auto-grading assessments. Furthermore, teachers can use this app to track their students’ evolution during their class.

  1. LearnBoost

This app appeared as an answer to teachers’ need of tracking their students’ learning progress, manage their lesson plans, and centralize the students’ attendance in class. Teachers can use this Chrome app to track the progress of their students. LearnBoost is also very efficient in creating the calendar for your online class.


Chrome apps can help any teacher boost his productivity and offer online learners a seamless learning experience. Furthermore, Chrome offers a variety of free apps which can make any teacher life a lot easier. When it comes to eLearning professionals, the Chrome apps above can help them create engaging materials, track their learners’ progress and presence, as well as including games and rewards for the best students in their class.


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